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Perhaps the most important and most neglected question that anyone can ask themselves is “who is Jesus”? It doesn’t take much to realise that Jesus was/is an important person. Our very calendar literally testifies to this fact, as history is now defined by the years before Jesus and after Jesus.
Jesus remains the most talked about, written about, and thought about person in human history. Currently, over 2 billion people in the world claim to be followers of Jesus.
Jesus was God become man, the exact perfect representation of a loving God. His mission was simple, to live the life we couldn’t live, and die the death we should have died. That’s why his name Jesus literally translates to God saves.

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Salvation Prayer

Lord God,

I believe that Jesus Christ is the song of God, who died for my sins rose to life again.
I am sorry for my sins and ask for your forgiveness. I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal savior.
I ask you to transform my life and give me your holy spirit to lead me all of my days.
Thank you for your unlimited goodness and grace over my life.
In the name Jesus. Amen.
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Read the Bible

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Get Water Baptised

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Come To Church 

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