VISION - C3CARES exists to support, encourage, bring comfort, hope, kindness, good news and release for heavy hearts and those feeling confined, isolated and overwhelmed through unexpected circumstances, trials and heart aches of Life…
WHY - C3CARES is an initiative of C3 Church to help people of all ages who may find themselves in a season of crisis, heartache or isolation within our local communities. We believe in community and our desire is to bring a message of hope, kindness and practical support. We are providing non perishable items to people linked with our C3 Community and through our partnerships with
The Loss and Grief Centre and Local schools that we have relationship with.
WHAT - Our desire is to sow seeds of Hope into hearts and lives, through every connection and opportunity of Act of Kindness in each Care package delivered or Loss and Grief counselling session.
  • C3Cares Support Hampers for Families and those in need
  • C3Care Gift packs – those going through Loss and Grief
  • Maternal loss Care packs via SDHB to families with sudden unexpected loss of a child
  • C3Cares free Counselling onsite with Mind health counsellor click here for more information
  • Free Counselling sessions following loss of a Child via The Loss & Grief Centre
  • C3Christmas Hampers – distributed via School Communities
  • C3Cares NEW baby care packs
  • C3Cares Play Café Weekdays onsite C3 Church 2022
HOW - C3Cares is funded through C3 Church Build To Reach Donations account number 02-0922-0038697-001
For further information you may contact:
Mobile: 021 222 0554