Who we are

Who we are

Our purpose at C3 Church Invercargill is reaching and building people.

C3 Church Invercargill is one of many churches in the C3 movement in New Zealand and our vision is to reach and build people for Jesus. We are a church that is modern in practice and traditional in belief. We believe what is summarised in the Nicene and Apostle’s creeds and what mainstream Christian churches accept as foundational to Christian faith.
C3 Church is an international movement of local churches characterised by bright, enthusiastic, culturally relevant services with a message of faith, hope and love. We are planting and building churches where it is easy for people to connect with Jesus and one another. We have people from many church backgrounds and also many nationalities. We have mum’s and dad’s, business people, sports people, artists, musicians, doctors, students, and trades people – young, old, single and married, homemakers and company directors. We are a wonderful mix of people. This is a fabulous community that will enlarge and enrich your life.