Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

Word & Spirit

We are devoted to Jesus in Word and Spirit. Encountering Jesus in the Word and applying the Word to our lives. There is no person, ability or resource as powerful to change the human heart as the anointed word of God – that’s why it’s our priority. It’s Word and Spirit – expressed through the demonstration of the fruits and gifts of the Spirit.

Culture of Evangelism

Culture is dynamic, fueled by the heart beat of a community. Jesus heart beat is for all who are lost – and so is ours. We want everything we do to connect people to Jesus. We believe in moments but also a process. We have programs but only if they support people and relationships. We pray because God is the one who softens hearts and we pray for the Holy Spirit to help us speak and act with clarity. What we are building is a culture – a shared emotion – a shared commitment – where everything connects the lost to Jesus.

Love Church

The local church is the hope of the world – a community of people indwelt by the Spirit of God, gathered together in unity for the cause of Christ. Jesus loves the church – and we do too. We are committed to building the church. It’s an exciting place where people encounter Jesus through worship, word and people. It’s a place where people grow and are equipped to live life fully alive to God and empowered to represent Christ in the world.


Teams are about doing things with one heart and one mind. The synergy and creativity that the Spirit of God brings to a team is an incredible force. It’s the most effective, sustainable and fun way to do ministry. All of our ministry is done through teams committed to the vision of the church.

Everyones a Minister

Every follower of Christ is a minister. The word minister means servant. As ministers/servants we are all called to take full responsibility for our own growth. We look for opportunities to serve and be fruitful. We’re always working towards the effective investment and stewardship of every talent and resource we have been entrusted with.

Value & Develop People

We believe in people, valuing and developing the God-dream in each person. People are gifted and live most fully alive when they use their gifts to love God and others. We create context for the God-dream to be drawn out and developed through relationships and training. Our focus is reproducible, multipliable and life transferable models. Our role is helping others discern their God dream and release them to where they can be most fruitful, while staying connected to them for their progress and joy in the faith.

Multigenerational & Multicultural Church investing in the future

We are building a multi-generational church where young and old flourish together. A heritage is built and a life changing culture is handed on to the following generations – a culture of spiritual parenting and investment.

We love to see people from different cultures and backgrounds come together. We have so much to learn from each other and each one builds a beautiful tapestry of color and flavour as we represent the Bride of Christ. The food is pretty good too!


We change so we remain relevant. Our desire is to be innovative agents of change in the world we live. Our structures are flexible and dynamic to serve the growth of the church and our style is current so we can connect with people. We write and play new songs. We structure for the new and we live in the moment. We love the time we live in because it’s where God has placed us.

Life Related Communication

Connecting people to Jesus in a way that relates to their world is vital. So we are committed to communicating a message of faith, hope and love in ways that are easy to understand, practical and speak to life’s day to day issues.


We are committed to living generous lives and giving to the vision of reaching and building people.

Global Partnerships

Everything we do is through relationships. We partner with like minded churches, leaders and ministers around the world who are working towards seeing churches planted and people reached and built.