Gather with God’s people the church

Gather with God’s people the church

Since its inception the Christian church has always been a community of people that gathers regularly. When you think of church you may have images of formal ceremonies and gothic buildings. However church is not an institution, building, or event. Rather church is a family, a community of people who love Jesus and each other. One of the ways the church of Jesus demonstrates that love is by gathering together. 

C3 Invercargill’s primary gathering is on Sundays. We gather both in our building and online for a time of worshiping God through signing and giving of our tithes and offerings. Every week someone delivers a sermon from the Bible to encourage us in living life the Jesus way. 

There is also dedicated spaces for children and young people, and times when people can connect with each other, through praying for one another, and sharing some food and because we’re Kiwis, good coffee. 

Outside of Sundays C3 has a number of options to gather in smaller settings so that deeper relationships can be formed, and more in depth discussions around faith can happen. Primarily this happens through our churches connect groups, small groups of ten to twenty people. We have connect groups for all life stages and availabilities.

Lastly, C3 has a number of events and happenings to help people connect and be part of God’s magnificent family, the church 

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