Meet our intern: Roger Ward

Roger is studying toward a bachelor of counselling, and as part of his study program has taken up an internship with Mind Health (a professional counselling agency). C3 Church is partnering with Mind Health to provide 100 hours of free counselling over 2022

Roger has been involved in pastoral care and leadership positions in churches for over 25 years and has a deepening desire to see the growth of tools that enable the emotional/spiritual healing of those around him. Roger completed a diploma of biblical studies in 2009 and committed to a bachelor of counselling program with Bethlehem Tertiary Institute (BTI) in 2020, and has this year, left his employment at NZAS to pursue study full-time. Roger is married to Susan and together they have two adult children. One of Roger’s favorite quotes is by Theodore Rorethke, “over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley”. Sometimes in life we just need some help, to navigate or climb. So, we at C3 Church now have a counselling intern, who would consider it a privilege walking beside you to find that new path, or ways of being.

What to expect:

Each counselling session is up to one hour in length. Sessions will be held at C3 Church 117 Spey Street Invercargill or via an online video call, depending on what is happening with the Covid-19 response. At the first session, the counsellor will discuss confidentiality, record keeping, your rights and the process to make a complaint, as well as the reason you’ve come for counselling. There are limits to confidentiality where there are serious concerns for your safety or the safety of someone else. Our intern will be under supervision from an experienced professional counsellor and some aspects will be shared without disclosing your name. The intern may ask to record one or more sessions for their assessment by their tutor. This will be agreed in advance on an individual basis and is not a requirement.

C3 Church & Mind Health:

Here at C3 Church, we know that there is real value in being able to talk in a confidential environment about the stressors and concerns that affect our lives. This year we are partnering with Mind Health to have a student counsellor available for people in our Church and Southland community.

How to access counselling at C3 Invercargill:

The first step is to email us at amen@c3invercargill.org.nz and Ps Shiree Ross from C3 Church will contact you about whether meeting with our intern is the right thing for you and will set up an initial session.

Counselling sessions are available on Monday and Tuesday mornings, through to November.