C3 Internship 2018

2018 is your year to heed the call of God on your life. When Abraham heard God calling him he responded “Here I am”. When you hear “Your Calling-Calling” there is a decision to be made, Stay where you are or step out boldly in faith – into the most exciting journey anyone can undertake-following Jesus into His plans and purposes for your life. Abraham did it, Moses did it, Elisha did it, the Disciples did it and so have many, many people all through history.

Is now the time for you? Is Jesus calling you to go out deeper in ministry or to grow in your devotion to him?

If you can hear your calling-calling we would love to hear from you.

Email us at amen@c3invercargill.org.nz to find out more and register your interest or fill in the contact form below.

Whats Required

  • 12 Month Commitment
  • Wednesday and another full day
  • Attend weekly services
  • Attend a Connect Group
  • Attend all Church Events
  • Written Book Reviews
  • Enroll in C3 College Online

Internship Bible College Subjects – Core Subjects

These are the core subjects we will be studying over the year.

For more information please check out  C3 College Online

Term 1
  • Leadership 1  – Ps Phil Pringle
    Bible Interpretation – Pat Antcliff
    New Testament Survey 1 – Brett Barclay
Term 2
  • Leadership 2 Ps Phil Pringle
    Identity in Christ Ps Phil Pringle
    New Testament 2 Brett Barclay
Term 3
  • Old Testament Survey 1 Mark Saundercock & Pat Antcliff
    Christian Doctrine Antcliff, Botta, Buechler, Borrow
    Faith Ps Phil Pringle
Term 4
  • Old Testament 2 Mark Saundercock Pat Antcliff
    Christian Doctrine Botta, Buechler, Antcliff, Barclay
    Moving in the Spirit Ps Phil Pringle

Choice of extra topics & courses that are run during the year.

C3 Culture
Seven Practices of Effective Ministry
Christian Essentials/ Disciple one
Search for Life
Valiant Man
CAP Money
Love & Respect/TIP(The Illumination Project)
Preaching Intensive
Church Planting Intensive
Ministry Profile & Gifting
Missions – Cambodia and Tanzania

Book Reviews 2 per Year. Heres a sample….

Follow the Leader- Simon McIntyre                            The Blessed Life – Robert Morris
Staying Power – Wayne Peat                                      Visioneering -Andy Stanley
Deep & Wide – Andy Stanley                                      Fasting Jentezen Franklin
Courageous Leadership Bill Hybels                           Keys to Financial Excellence Ps Phil Pringle
Dead for nothing-Ps Phil Pringle                                Inspired to Pray Ps Phil Pringle

Like to know more? Please fill in the contact form and we would love to help you start on your journey!

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